Tax Resolution

If you are faced with an IRS tax audit, tax garnishment, tax lien, tax levy, or tax litigation, there is help. Our Denver tax resolution and tax audit attorney is experienced in resolving tax issues for our clients.

If you need tax resolution, call our Denver tax attorney immediately.

If you need tax resolution, call our Denver tax attorney immediately.

The Gantenbein Law Firm is a Tax Law Firm located in Denver and servicing all of Colorado. Contact our Denver tax attorney today for immediate tax resolution for all your tax issues.

Don’t invest thousands of dollars in tax resolution firms: these are scams. An experienced and professional tax attorney can help resolve your tax issues, often for far less money and with real results. A tax attorney is held to high ethical standards, while the tax resolution firms are not. In the end, the taxpayer is often left with a higher balance, due to increasing fees and penalties, after they have spent their money on the scamming resolution company.

Our Denver tax resolution tax attorney understands each tax case is different. He will sit down with you and explore what your best options are, tailoring your tax audit defense representation to best fit your finances and needs. Some options could include repayment plans, installment plans, offers in compromise, a release of a tax lien or tax levy, or release of tax garnishment.

For more information, contact our Denver tax attorney today: 303-618-2122.


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