Tax Debt Relief

Gantenbein Law Firm is a Colorado tax law firm that can help resolve your IRS tax debt and get tax relief. Our Denver tax attorney can help you with resolve your tax debt, quickly and effectively.

Ignoring your tax debt problem will only make matters worse. The IRS will take legal action against you to collect what they think is owed. Some of their actions to collect are through penalties, fines, garnishment of wages (even your Social Security), seize any and all your property and impose liens.

It’s crucial to have a qualified Denver tax attorney negotiate and fight for an effective and successful outcome for your tax debt relief. We will resolve back tax issues and problems, go before the US Tax Court, appeal tax decisions, negotiate settlement on back taxes, fines, interest and penalties and ensure you have experienced representation when being audited.

Denver tax attorney provides IRS tax debt relief

Denver tax attorney provides IRS tax debt relief

It’s never too soon to contact us regarding tax debt relief, we have many options to resolve your tax issues, including tax audit defense services from the premier Denver tax audit lawyer.


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