IRS Tax Audit Defense


Let a Denver tax audit attorney fix your IRS tax audits!

tax audit resolved by Denver tax attorney

Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray, LL.M., will fix your IRS audit issues

Denver Tax Audit Lawyer Tyler Murray, LL.M., is a leader in the Colorado Tax industry. Tyler has a proven track record of helping his clients fix their IRS tax issues, including tax audits.

No doubt, taxpayers are terrified of getting audited by the IRS  – and for good reason.  If you believe going to the IRS field office is just to answer a few innocent questions, think again. IRS audit agents are lethally experienced in interrogating the anxious taxpayer. We can not emphasize enough times –  never go without a qualified and experienced tax attorney by your side.

Understand the IRS has an exceptionally unfair advantage. The average taxpayer lacks the skill and knowledge of complex tax laws to defend themselves against an aggressive IRS auditor.

Our Denver tax attorney can defend your rights and secure an effective tax resolution for you. More often, we can arrange where you never have to meet or sit down with an auditor. Our tax audit defense services are the top in Denver.

For more information, view expert Denver tax audit attorney on AVVO, an attorney rating system and feel confident you are hiring the BEST attorney for your tax audit case.


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