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Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray is a leader in the Colorado Tax Industry. An experienced and premier Denver tax lawyer and Denver tax audit lawyer, Tyler Murray has several tax law publications, including several articles on Amazon’s tax implications in Colorado. He currently sits as Vice President of the Colorado Bar Association, Tax Association, where he previously sat as Treasurer. Tyler Murray has testified to the House Finance Committee, on behalf of the Colorado Bar Association, Tax Association, regarding Colorado tax law issues. Recently, Tyler Murray was asked to speak regarding 2014 Tax Law legislative updates. Tyler Murray also teaches other Colorado tax attorneys in various Tax Law CLEs. Your case is never given to another associate in the firm. Denver tax audit lawyer Tyler Murray personally handles each and every Colorado tax law case, for the best tax audit defense representation.

Tyler Murray is a Denver tax attorney and Denver tax audit lawyer, providing tax audit defense.

Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray, LL.M, of Gantenbein Law Firm, is a premier tax attorney. Serving all of Colorado.

Tyler Murray is a premier, well-versed Denver tax lawyer, and his experience in various areas of practice in tax law include:

Tax Resolution:

A reputable and experienced tax attorney will serve your tax interests best. Our Denver tax resolution tax attorney will help provide tax relief and tax resolution through tax litigation, tax installment plans, offers in compromise, tax repayment plans and more. Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray can also provide relief to tax liens and tax levies. Denver tax law firm, Gantenbein Law Firm, is also a premier tax planning firm.

Tax Debt Relief:

There are ways to reduce your tax debt. Options can include offers in compromise, payment plans, release of tax levies or liens, penalty reductions and more. Our Denver tax attorney provides effective and efficient tax debt relief.

Tax Repayment Plans:

Our tax attorney can help you qualify for an IRS repayment plan or an installment agreement to the IRS, rather than being forced to pay a large lump sum you can not afford to pay.

IRS Tax Audit Defense:

Whether you want to avoid an IRS audit, or you have received notice of an audit, Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray, LL.M.,  can help. Your best chance to avoid substantial tax liability is to have legal representation from a knowledgeable tax audit defense attorney.

Notice of Tax Liens: 

The IRS may place a federal tax lien on your personal or real property, in order to secure payment of unpaid taxes. This lien shall continue until the liability is satisfied, according to tax code, meaning the lien can attach to after-acquired property. If you have received a Notice of Tax Lien, then you should contact our Denver tax attorney immediately, so that we can resolve your tax lien.

Tax Appeals:

You can appeal your tax dispute before pursuing tax litigation. This option is often a more economic approach to resolving your tax dispute. Your best chance in a tax appeal is to have an experienced Denver Tax attorney. Tyler Murray, LL.M. is an experienced and knowledge tax attorney that can help.

Tax Deficiency:

If you have received a Notice of Deficiency, or 90 day letter, from the IRS, you should contact a tax attorney immediately. This letter informs the tax payer of any deficiency they owe, plus penalties and interest. Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray, LL.M. can assist you with your tax appeal and dispute your tax assessment by the IRS.

Tax Installment Agreements:

Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray will help you set up an installment plan with the IRS. An installment plan can be formal or informal, and can eliminate or reduce penalties and interest owed to the IRS. There are several types of installment plans: let our Denver tax attorney pick the right plan for your finances.

 Issues Regarding Allegations of Tax Evasion or Fraud:

Tax evasion and tax fraud are serious allegations. Tax fraud and tax evasion are investigated by the criminal unit of the IRS and can result in fines or imprisonment if convicted. Tyler Murray, LL.M., is a knowledgeable Denver tax attorney with many years of tax experience that can help, whether it is a mistake or negligent tax reporting, or an allegation of tax fraud.

 Tax Offers in Compromise:

If you can’t pay your full tax liability, you may be eligible to settle your tax debt for less than you owe. This is called an offer in compromise. Rather than enduring a financial hardship due to your tax liability, contact our Denver tax attorney to help. Tyler Murray, LL.M. will let you know if you are eligible for an offer in compromise, and will explore all your tax resolutions with you.

Estate Taxes and Estate Planning:

Tyler Murray, LL.M can create a well-administered estate tax plan, helping his clients avoid estate taxes, probate and delays in administering your estate to your heirs. Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray is skilled in creating high net worth estate plans, including management of property, appointment of trustees, care of minor children, and more. Contact Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray for information on minimizing your estate taxes and protecting your finances.

 …and more.

Denver tax attorney and Denver tax audit lawyer provides tax audit defense services.

Tyler Murray, LL.M., is a Denver tax attorney and Denver tax audit lawyer, serving all of Colorado. Call 303-618-2122.

Tyler Murray, LL.M, of the Gantenbein Law Firm, is a licensed Denver, Colorado Tax attorney, servicing all of Colorado. Along with being a licensed lawyer, Tyler Murray has a Masters in Law in Tax.  If you are facing a tax audit, tax appeal, or other tax issue, or need professional assistance with your Colorado tax planning, contact experienced Denver tax attorney Tyler Murray at (303) 618-2122 for a consultation where he will discuss your situation and go over all your options with you.

For more information on our Denver tax attorney and tax services, including tax audit defense, visit our attorney profile page on our WEBSITE.

It is important to research your tax attorney before hiring, because you want the best tax attorney for your case.  View Tyler Murray on AVVO, an attorney rating system.

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Denver tax attorney and Denver tax audit lawyer Tyler Murray, LL.M can help with your tax needs, including tax audit defense.

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